Getting Family Law Legal Advice In 2019

1st January, 2019, in Family Law Hearings, Divorce, Advice.


If you have a family law issue it's stressful enough without the worry of finding legal advice and representation in court.

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For most people, if you think you can fund your family law case with legal aid in 2019, forget it. Everyone from the ex-Lord Chancellor saying he was wrong, to headlines of 82% cuts and unexpected additional savings slashing £1bn extra from the legal aid budget all resulting from harsh measures introduced in 2012. With legal aid broken - and with few exceptions - you will likely have to find representation for a family court hearing and fund your case yourself. 

Fixing It

Ever since we established, we offered cost effective legal advice and representation. From final hearings to financial dispute resolution hearings. By accessing expert legal advice at an early stage, we can help. Even if you just have a first directions appointment, it’s important to get the expert advice early. The market was – still is – broken, but we started by offering a service that enabled the new provisions of direct access to get expert legal advice. We did that from the outset with fixed fees, known to you in advance – not hourly rates. 

We added to it with bespoke tech so that you can message and manage your case documents directly and most importantly we offered it with 0% APR to assist in meeting unexpected costs. 

In 2019 we have a roadmap for making access to legal advice in family law and other areas more cost effective and we will continue to try and bring that access to a wider market. 

If we can help you or someone you know with a family law case or issue, simply get in touch by completing the online form here, or call us on 0800 222 9998 and a member of our friendly and approachable team will be ready to help.