We provide you with an upfront fixed fee quote for the work you need.


We don't engage you as a client first, let the charges build up and then come after you to collect a large fee later. Your case is not general, it is individual and merits individual attention. Just as each case is different, so is each fee, which we work out on a case by case basis, for free.

That way we can ensure that you get a personally tailored quote that we have been careful to build just for you. Getting the right fee for the right work is just as important as the work itself, whether you need just initial advice or whether you need representation in court.

We also try to make sure that work isn't wasted. Wherever we can we try to get you what you need to make the decisions you need to with one eye on the future. Should you wish to take things further, we strive to make sure that work isn't duplicated and that we can build upon the work done so far.

Any initial conversation with you where we work out how we can help you is always free and you can call or message us using our portal as often as you like once we are working for you. However we don't offer free legal advice. In our view, the best way to start your case is to get an expert to work for you because they are being paid to give you the advice you need, not the advice you want to hear. 


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