Absolute Barrister Featured As Leading Legal Innovator

24th May, 2017, in Absolute Barrister, Bar Innovation, Thomson Reuters.


Absolute Barrister are delighted to be featured as one of the leading legal innovators in a new report in to innovation by market analysis experts Thomson Reuters. Absolute Barrister is designed to make cost-effecitive legal advice and representation in court available to individuals and small businesses.

Absolute Barrister Legal Tech AI

Using expert barristers and bespoke technology (AB Portal 2.0) to 'tech-enable' the supply of legal services, the report focuses on those who are innovating at the Bar and notes the technology we already employ and that which we will develop next:

"Absolute Barrister... is looking at ways to deliver the best, most cost- effective advice to clients via technologically enabled delivery and automated processes...Clients can access their case on any device at any time. Crucially, their system is also AI ready" 

The report picks up on the founders comments that Absolute Barriter are "in a great position to redefine the market" and that further regulatory change is needed to assist innovation designed to increase access to justice: 

"Absolute Barrister has long noted that regulation is too prescriptive: it has departed from general and fair principles which allow innovation, and, crucially, access to justice."

The report concludes the unique position that the Bar will play in providing legal servies to clients.

"The Bar marries tradition and innovation. Its flexibility, cost efficiency, and unparalleled depth of legal expertise will forge the future of the changing legal landscape." 

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Absolute Barrister Feature In Thomson Reuters

You can read the report in full here.