AB Portal 2.0 Is Live!

2nd September, 2016, in Ab Portal 2.0, Lawtech, Go-Live.


Absolute Barrister are delighted to announce that out our award winning business, just got better!

Barrister Direct Access Portal 2.0 Release

It is no ordinary web application.

Originally conceived well over two years ago, it's taken over eighteen months of development. And we think it's technically brilliant!

Our intutive UI means that scrolling on smart phones with our custom autoloader, skipping through messages and documents or making payment on your tablet, means that your legal content can start to work for you, just when you want it. Simple. 

Of course it's accessible across your devices but not in the ordinary way.  Responsive layouts are usually about resizing screen elements and hiding or showing pre-loaded elements based the size of the screen. We started that way, but then when we thought we could do it better. 

So we don’t have elements that appear in only mobile or only desktop (or anything in between!) we use a unified layout which means no more loading of redundant screen elements. That makes it fast. 

Finally you can manage your case - or many cases if you are a business - at the flick of a finger, securely, where ever you are.

We think this is just what legal services have been waiting for.

And that's only the begining...