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1st January, 2020, in Research, Oxford University, Artificial Intelligence.


Described as 'Pioneering' by the University Of Oxford, AB are delighted to continue to be recognised as market leaders in a research project looking at "Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in English Law" funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

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The research will address the technology education at universities and the traditional legal sector by the publication of a white paper. It will also look at a number of other work packages including "Understanding New Business Models in Legal Services".

Further the research will garner information to assist in addressing a number of educational needs not being met which include technical skills for lawyers, the reframing of law within AI and designing software within the rule of law ultimately to have courses designed for lawyers and computer scientists. AB will take part along with others along with for example the Ministry of Justice in a series of semi-structured interviews to design the future educational needs of lawyers.

 An introduction to the research states that

“With careful positioning, the UK’s strength in AI research and relatively liberal legal services regulation may allow it to establish a comparative advantage in AI for legal services.”

We agree. It is AB’s view that law and unlocking the potential of legal services suffers from severe underinvestment, money needed to address the huge latent unmet need (HLUN) for cost effective legal services, a lack of innovation within and outside the traditional sector and a shortage of skills in this area and we look forward to taking part in this market leading research project. 

AB is an innovative lawtech business which supplies legal services using direct access barrister and the latest tech. AB will make further announcements next year about ‘Hera’ - our first AI automated legal product. 



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