Absolute Barrister: A Warts & All Review

15th January, 2017, in Absolute Barrister, Client Testimonial, Criminal Justice System.


Eight months after his experience of a criminal justice system stacked against him, one of our clients wrote a full review of our services.

Given that he took the time to write it, save for those parts which might identify him, we have taken the time to publish it in full, as it applies to Absolute Barrister -warts and all - and we urge you to read it.

It’s why we do what we do.

(Although yes, we already have tech-enabled plans to improve our invoicing systems.)


“Most reviews are written immediately after an event. However, for important issues where emotions can run high it is perhaps better to wait before writing a review. The distance of time allows one to proffer a more considered view.

Now at eight months or so I feel that I can write a review concerning my experiences with Absolute Barrister.

Nearly four years ago, I found myself the subject of malicious accusations orchestrated by some [prejudiced] ex-employees. They were ably supported by [the police] whose motivations and actions were also somewhat dubious: [evidence] strangely disappeared etc. Throw into the mix a CPS, with nothing between their ears, who were only too keen to accept and perpetrate lies. To say that I felt trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare is an understatement.

In the beginning, I employed a [local] firm of solicitors. They seemed to be urging me to plead guilty and showed little interest in my protestations of innocence. I also noticed that [my town] is a cosy little legal club that also appears to encompass all the strands of the system including the police and the judiciary.

After much deliberation, I decided that I needed to be represented by someone from outside of [my town]. My big problem was that my assets had been frozen. The best and most cost-effective solution appeared to be what is known as the ‘direct route’. I rang and emailed several sets of chambers outside of [my town].          

Only one came back and quickly at that: Absolute Barrister! They listened to my summary of the situation, the first time anyone had. Following that they promptly organised a courier to collect all my papers and deliver them to the chosen barrister, one [barrister’s name].

“Absolute Barrister made me feel that I had representation for the first time.”

Absolute Barrister made me feel that I had representation for the first time. Here were people that were working for me, an individual, as opposed to a legal aid conduit. Over a period of eighteen months we had arguments and disagreements. A natural consequence of an emotionally charged time when you have been charged with fraud that carries a custodial sentence if found guilty. However, [the caseworker] and [the barrister] dealt with my many objections in an exceptionally patient manner whilst never losing sight of the endgame.

[The barrister] skilfully constructed the defence and Absolute Barrister provided the back up and emotional support. [The barrister] had hoped that the charges would be dropped after our Defence Statement and the Expert Witness’s report. However, he had not bargained for the ‘Normal for [my town]’ syndrome. Or as [the barrister] put it, ‘They are running a race that isn’t there to be run: and cannot see it!’.

Accordingly, we arrived in court. On the first morning, the prosecution dropped more than three quarters of the charges. [The barrister] orchestrated and marshalled my defence with exceptional skill and gave a closing speech to match. The jury saw the validity of the defence as opposed to the paucity of the prosecution’s case: I was acquitted.

"A weakness that throws into sharp relief how good [Absolute Barrister] are at everything else."

The only fly in the ointment is that AB are very poor at providing invoices. A weakness that throws into sharp relief how good they are at everything else. I suppose it shows that they are human.

“I can unreservedly recommend Absolute Barrister”.

Notwithstanding that criticism, I can unreservedly recommend Absolute Barrister. [The caseworker], a barrister herself, fully understands a legal system that has very little to do with justice. They also have a knack of choosing barristers that are not only intelligent but diligent: or at least they did in my case.”

Clearly the views expressed here are not our own and by publishing them we neither necessarily endorse, agree or support them. What we wanted to do is to show a considered review, warts and all, which also gives a personal insight into the criminal justice system, how it can feel at times and how we can help.

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