Legal Geek: The Day Legal Trended

30th November, 2017, in Absolute Barrister, Counsel Magazine, Legal Geek.


See our article in Counsel magazine "The Day Legal Trended". Absolute Barrister's co-founder writes about the day that the entire legal industry signalled to the outside that it was ready to embrace the beginning of irrevocable change.

Legal Geek: The Day Legal Trended

"Nine million impressions. Nine million. Nine, million. 1,000+ people, 20+ countries, 40+ start-up pitches. Coders, lawtech start-ups, magic circle partners – in abundance, data miners, law futurologists – all jetting in, all in jeans and trainers, no titles on name badges and not a tie in sight."


You can read the article in full here about the Legal Geek conference in the December issue Of Counsel Magazine (Lexis Nexis).