We give you a password to access your barrister, send them messages and share documents.


When you use absolute barrister we will give you access to our revolutionary new online cloud computing solution to manage your case and help you get the legal advice you need.  In one simple and carefully designed interface you can manage your case with ease and trust that your information is stored securely.

Secure, right from the very begining

Our entire site is handled though SSL - or Secure Socket Layer - not just the section after you login. Although you will need to clear your browsing history if you do not wish for others to know that you visited at all, unlike most sites when you contact us online, the information you enter cannot be eavesdropped. This means that even your intial enquiry  is completely confidential.

Intuitive User Interface

It is easy to contact your barrister directly via our message board and easier too for you to see the messages. You need not worry about missing important information: you’ll automatically receive a new email whenever you get a new message. The ability to contact your barrister is now simple and your entire case is stored in one place accessible by you from anywhere via the internet. Simple. Managing more than one case has never been easier either. Simply click between cases to see all the messages and documents for each case separately.

Advanced Document Handling

Document  sharing - the easy, stress-free way. It  is effortless to upload text, PDF scans or any other document associated with your case. Take a photo of a document using your smart phone and upload that to get it quickly to your barrister. You can even upload multiple documents with a single click and if you accidently upload a newer version don’t worry, we can get the old one back, even up to thirty days later, using automatic version control. You can even fax us a document from anywhere, it will be automatically scanned and we can upload it for you.

Easy Payments

You can make any payment from within your account using any of the major direct debit or credit cards. No longer will you have to make direct transfers from your current account for legal services. It’s now as easy as online shopping. Simple.

Faster Document Viewing

We make it faster to view your documents online. Simply log on, select the case and click view. View documents on the move from your tablet or smart phone to check something or download and print – it’s up to you.

Security First

Our higher-level SSL enabled site is the same as you would expect from an online banking service. It’s simple to check, just look for our company name in green in the top left-hand corner of your browser.

You can now change your password online and as often as you like – even on the move – using a tablet  or smart phone. Never again worry that your password might be compromised.

Rest assured that we store your documents safely too. Automatic back-up, AES 256-bit encryption, and version control as standard. Getting legal advice has never been so easy.

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