We can typically save half, sometimes two thirds and even more with longer engagements.


We are passionate about providing cost effective expert advice, with great service. 

By paying for expert advice at the begining, you know where you stand with your case from the outset and you can rely on that advice to make early decisions. That makes your use of legal services much more cost effective. We are not incentivised to prolong your case by charging you more and more fees at an hourly rate. 

By provivding fixed fees, we can not only save you money but by offering expert advice we can make your use of legal service much more cost effective. Typically we save more than half. But we can save more.

Example 1

What do we mean by 'cost effective'? In a contested divorce and financial settlement, a client's estimated costs were £21k when using a solicitor. This was just an estimate, and they had to agree to pay an hourly rate. We quoted a fixed fee for £7,000 for all three hearings. However the expert advice was so effective, the last hearing wasn't necessary and we refunded £3,500. That meant a saving of at least £17,500. By getting the expert involved at the begining, not only was the cost lower over all, but our service was also much more cost effective.

Example 2

A couple used our services and appeared in The Times stated that, for the legal advice they needed, the cost was “£700.00 rather than an average of £2,500 using solicitors.” That is a saving of 72%. Our research published in The Times – ‘Money’  shows that we can save typically 54% in divorce cases.

Example 3

For a business, our cost estimate in a protract case was less than half that of the other side, and we were using silk (Queen's Counsel - a senior barrister.) 

We save you money by using barristers, paying for only the legal advice you need and managing your case using our online portal.


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