Absolute Barrister Win "Friend To Business Award"

7th March, 2016, in Award, Absolute Barrister, "friend To Business", Future 50.


It was a double win! Not only did Absolute Barrister make the future 50 most disruptive businesses but we also won an award for being a friend to other businesses.

Absolute Barrister Friend To Business Award Winner.jpg

For us this is a terrific award. By making access to expert legal advice more cost effective for businesses, it enables businesses to focus on their core strengths.

"For the second year in a row we have selected six special award winners who really exemplify what it is to be an Everline Future 50 member." (for more about the award click here.)

The article goes on to describe that:

"the solicitor-based model of managing legal issues is outdated and expensive...[Absolute Barrister] connects...businesses facing legal matters to barristers best suited to managing their cases, having capitalised on the change to law that previously required use of solicitors first"

With further announcements about our tech later this year (teaser here) Absolute Barrister is delighted to be recognised as a service that enables other businesses to access expert advice across a range of legal subject matter, online, in your office or at court. 

Founder Simon Gittins said, 

"This was an enourmous surprise! To be selected from the already-elite list and presented with a special award for helping support other businesses is simply fanstatic. Thank you EverlineFuture50 and Real Business!"

To find out more email for legal advice or help for your company contact or click here to contact us. 



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