BBC News - Couple Use Absolute Barrister

17th April, 2013, in Personal.


Absolute Barrister provide legal advice in a range of cases at an early stage, in this case for a school admissions appeal.

The BBC picked up the story when Mr Nichols' 11 year old son was turned down for all three of the secondary school places his parents applied for.

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The BBC reported that Mr Nichols didn't believe that the school that he was given was right for his son. Mr Nichols sought help and instructed Absolute Barrister for a fixed fee instead of instructing a solicitor.

In the report he describes the process as a 'whole new ball game' and that it was something that one would do once in his lifetime and that he needed some assitance in that.

"They picked up some things that you wouldn't have known." - Ian Nichols, BBC News, 17th April 2013

The response from Dorset County Council in the report was to say that they work hard to support parents, that they don't think legal advice is necessary and suggested that parents were wasting their money.

Absolute Barrister helps individuals and businesses get legal advice direct from a barrister for a range of areas of law. Getting legal advice at an early stage can prove invaluable.

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