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8th September, 2013, in Personal.


Well the secret is out of the bag - online barristers can be cheaper!

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Absolute Barrister are featured in the Daily Mail today for their radically competitive fees: the cost example given is in a fully contested divorce case where our fee was nearly less than half the fee than if the client had gone through the conventional solicitor model. Absolute Barrister offer a fixed fee for representation by a barrister, the expert, at each stage of your divorce case, all without having to pay for a solicitor.

But it's not just divorce. We can help with a wide range of legal problems or questions and provide you with a fixed fee estimate. You can involve us when ever you would like and we really don't mind if you decide to look after the case yourself for a bit and them come back to us.

"New online companies, such as ....Absolute Barrister, are now highlighting the service." - Mail Online / Financial Mail on Sunday, 8th September 2013

We don't have partners who demand high salaries and bonuses. We don't charge out younger lawyers at three, four or even five times their salary to pay for expensive offices. We don't suddenly bill you for hundreds of pounds for 'photocopying'. We handle as much of the admin as we can using our state of the art online document handling and messaging system, you handle the litigation (filing forms and receiving documents) and the barrister handles the legal advice. Simple. Welcome to the brave new world of affordable, expert, fast legal advice.

"Online barristers can be cheaper than solicitors"  - (As above)

We like this headline very much. So go, on, say hello and see how much you could save.


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