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17th April, 2013, in Personal.


The Times today, 17th April 2013, features a couple who instructed Absolute Barrister Ltd to help with a school entry appeal for their son.

The article states that over 17,000 children this year will not get any of their top three choices of school.

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The article draws attention to the fact that barristers can be instructed in this way but that it is still rare, even more so for school admission appeals. Nevertheless it is an area in which Absolute Barrister Ltd can help.

Absolute Barrister supports the direct instruction of barristers who carry out this type of work and many other areas of law. In this case Absolute Barrister were able to support the instruction of a barrister who had in the past herself sat as part of the school admissions appeal tribunal. "Getting that type of experience on your side at an early stage is invaluable, and can make a real difference to the outcome of your case." said founder Simon Gittins.

"The couple decided to seek legal advice and, rather than go through a local solicitor, hired a barrister...the couple decided that it would be money well spent" - (The Times, 17th April 2013)

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Mr Nichols said that his son, "...needs to feel secure when he starts a new secondary and that means having friends He doesn't know anyone going the school he was given a place in."

For individuals Absolute Barrister allows you to cut out the solicitor and go straight to a barrister. For companies Absolute Barrister will manage your supply of legal services using barristers.

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