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8th September, 2016, in Ab Portal 2.0, Lawtech, Newlaw.


Great legal advice for you or your business - whoever you are and whatever you need - now comes with access to one of the most advanced legal portals in legal services.

(We’re not kidding.)

AB Portal 2.0 Super Search

AB Portal 2.0 now includes ‘Super Search’.

You don’t need to think whether you are searching for messages, document titles or text – or – even which case or bit of legal advice that text might appear within (if you have more than one case).

Just do what comes naturally – and we’ll do the rest.

What is it?

You need to extract the meaning out of a collection of eclectic case documents a good number of which weren’t created by you in a useful format.

You need an answer quickly.

Now, where did it say, “the email confirming the contract was sent too late”? Where did it mention, “…the investment advice wasn’t based on recent figures…”

Simple - just search.

We have already made viewing your documents fast, now you can access the meaning within them, wherever you want, whenever you want.

What we did…(it’s not simple)

We run a separate server cluster entirely dedicated to indexing your documents.

(It’s the only one in the country that meets certain British Standards.)

You upload it, we index it – instantly. Not just the title, the text. Not just word documents, PDF documents too. Not just text documents but text within scanned documents…

We use NRT (Near Real Time) search optimized using n-gram logic for high volume traffic, with search filter caching, spelling suggestions and autocomplete all through server clustering – making searching fast and presenting you with the most relevant results by category.

Making it simple to find.Then, view your document instantly.

(Do we really need to say it doesn’t matter which type of device you use?)


You have employment advice, contract advice and a debt recovery case all running in parallel each with different stakeholders within your company, managed by you.


You can search everything, your stakeholders - perhaps HR - can only search employment law cases. (Are you saying ‘wow’ yet?)


It’s all designed to enable you to manage your case, your cases - your legal - simply.

We think it’s pretty special.


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