What do our clients really think?

4th November, 2013, in Feedback.


What have our clients really being saying about Absolute Barrister?

Everyone asks their clients for feedback and we're no different.

But what about when we didn't? What about the feedback that was unsolicited?

Well here you go, a few - just for you - reproduced with kind permission.

Thank you!

clients think.jpg

" This is the second time I have used Absolute Barrister ...I needed help on relatively unusal matters... and on a short time-scale. My help arrived almost immdiately and was just what I needed...Thanks to AB" [Business]

" was a pleasure working with you all, you...have redeemed my faith somewhat in the legal profession and I will be crusading to anyone who needs a divorce that can't be settled amicably on your behalf...I shall say 'use a barrister'"

"This morning finds me delighted it's over and very grateful for [the barrister's] help. It was like having a friend in court with me, but a friend who was very very good at her job. I'm happy! Thanks to you all for getting me sorted."

"Sorry I didn't get a chance yesterday to say thank you. You were totally right about not having to worry, [the barrister] did a brilliant job and from the moment we met in the waiting room, I felt at ease and couldn't have asked for a better person to represent me."

"It's a shame that we couldn't have got to the court stage 18 months ago instead of wasting time and money with solicitors letters...I know we have a way to go, but I'm sure that now [we will] get a fair remedy."

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