Couple Win School Place

1st May, 2013, in Feedback.


Congratulations to the Nichols family! It attracted much coverage, as reported in The Times for example on 1st May 2013: the Nichols family secured the place they wanted for their 11 year old son at their preferred school.

They were initially told that all of the schools in their area in Dorset were oversubscribed. After asking around and not being able to find a solicitor locally who could help, they contacted Absolute Barrister.

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Our blog post on how we worked with the family to appeal

Absolute Barrister worked closely with the Nichols family and a specialist barrister who had herself previously sat as chair on school admissions panels for a different local authority. This unique insight provided was not to be underestimated. The Nichols family commented that their attention was drawn to things that they simply wouldn’t have known about. The result? Having initially been rejected their choice of school, the Nichols family won their appeal, and their son will now go the school of his choice.

See our previous article on BBC Coverage

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"Thank you for all your hard work and personal interest in our case. It did feel like we had a friend to turn to."

The working relationship with Absolute Barrister was a close one, throughout what was a stressful situation for the whole family. After the case, Mr Nichols thanked the team at Absolute Barrister: “Thank you for all your hard work and personal interest in our case. It did feel like we had a friend to turn to.” Absolute Barrister wish Mr and Mrs Nichols and their son every sucess in his chosen school and for the future.

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