If you own or business it is at the very centre of everything that you do and often you will have to change yourself into the legal expert because legal advice is too expensive. Not any more.

Whether you need an expert legal opinion of the interpretaion of a piece of law, help with rules or regulations associated with your business or whether you need to defend a case against you or start one against someone else - we can help. You will have to play your part too but by getting the barrister to do only those things that you need, we can save you a lot. Not only that but by accessing all of your messages and documents through our legal portal, access to legal advice has never been so easy.

We hope one day that businesses like yours will see getting legal advice as no different to setting up web page or contacting an accountant. You can see our short video here on how we can work for your business. 

We can also help with access to legal advice across a range of areas of law, to assist your in house legal team. You can click here to find out more about CloudCounsel.