You may need to freeze assets held by someone else or you may need to respond to a freezing order that has been unfairly applied to your assets. You may be resident outside of the UK and need protection within the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

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Historically called a Mareva injunction after a 1975 case(*1) freezing injunctions can be made without notice. There are certain conditions that apply if you need to make an application and there are ways in which you can appeal or apply to have set aside a freezing order made against you or your company.

"you can...apply to have set aside a freezing order made against you"

In either situation you are likely to end up in court and you will need an advocate: the best advocates are barristers. We will help find you a barrister and get you a quote for the work you need. We can do this quickly, work with you or your in-house team and because of our relationships, by providing a sustainable work source, we have found that the prices we get are often much better than those you would be able to achieve yourself, even if you went straight to a barrister.

(*1) Mareva Compania Naviera SA v International Bulkcarriers SA [1975] 2 Lloyd's Rep 509