If you are a bereaved family, we can find you an approachable, experienced barrister to help you and to represent you in the Coroner's Court. Your barrister can also help with appealing a coroner's decision or judicially reviewing a coroner's decision. Rather than have to pay for a solicitor, and to wait whilst your solicitor finds you a barrister, we can find you a barrister who is experienced in your particular legal area. You will then be able to contact your barrister directly throughout your case with any questions you may have: no middle man, no delay – your expert barrister on hand to support you, all the way through.


We think that worrying about escalating legal fees is unfair and unnecessary, so we have our own way of doing things: we will give you an up front quote for the work your barrister will do at the outset, so you know how much you have to pay, for certain, at the beginning.

We would like to help, so please get in touch.