Completing A Divorce Petition

There are a number of forms you need to fill in. We can help you. You need to fill in a divorce petition form to start a divorce which must include your:

  • full name and address
  • husband or wife’s full name and address
  • marriage certificate (the original certificate or a copy from a register office)
  • the names and dates of birth of any children (no matter how old they are)

If you allege adultery and you name the person your husband or wife was unfaithful with, you should note that they will get copies of the paperwork too.

Arrangements For Children

You need to fill in another form if you have:

  • children under 16
  • children under 18 at school or college, or on a training course

And you will need to include details of arrangements for childcare, maintenance and contact. You will also need to fill in a statement of arrangements for children form.

The Court Fee

After the forms are ready to go, you will need to pay a court fee to start the divorce, and send the requisite number of copies to the court.