Often a tricky area that can find you getting bogged down in all the red tape, we can find you an expert barrister with a great deal of experience in precisely the sort of issues relevant to your case. Rather than having to instruct a solicitor, pay a solicitor, and wait whilst your solicitor hands your case over to a barrister, we help you to cut out the expense of the middle man by finding you your own barrister directly.

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You can then contact your barrister directly throughout your case with any problems or questions: no delay, ready access to the expert. We don't think worrying about escalating fees, or worrying about the ticking of a meter is right, so we have our own way of doing things: we will always give you an up front quote telling you how much your case will cost you, before anything is done. We can help you at the very beginning, by advising you on the Statementing process, or your barrister can help you with expertly drafted, persuasive letters to send to the LEA, and if it comes to it can also represent you at hearings.

We would like to help, so please get in touch.